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Tour de Moon

UNBOXED: Creativity in the UK will take you on a mission to the MOON in May 2022. Tour de Moon will be in Newcastle in Friday 27 - Monday 30 May.

Newcastle will be one of only 4 UK cities to host the Tour de Moon 4-day festival which is set to be a fully magical, lunar experience!

The Tour de Moon is a festival of ideas inspired by our ‘universal satellite’, the Moon, held on a festival site created for young people and their families.

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  • Each day: a Moon Convoy between 3pm - 9pm in the centre of Newcastle (Grainger Street) With a special parade through the streets from 6.30pm Saturday 28th. Just turn up!
  • Each day: a series of Moon Live talks will take place at World Headquarters, Discovery Museum and Star and Shadow Cinema.
  • Each day: series of Moon Cinema events will take place at Star and Shadow Cinema and 51 Lime Street showcasing original, independent film shorts.
  • Each day: a Moon Experience will take place between 5pm - 11pm in a disused building across Newcastle
  • Friday & Saturday: Moon Music - two nights at World HQ which will showcase rising talent in a blend of live performances and DJs.
  • Each day: Let yourself go with Moon Games at Walker Activity Dome. No booking required on Friday 27, Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 May from 1pm-3pm and 4pm-8pm, and on Monday 30 Mat 4pm-6pm.

Take a cosmic Journey into the possibilities of tomorrow, created in collaboration with our universal satellite - the Moon.

Tour de Moon is a two-month festival of performances, installations, interactive experiments and immersive experiences - created by a galaxy of nightlife artists, musicians, digital dreamers, writers, scientists, technologists and creative pioneers aged 18-25. Together, they'll consider and challenge our current ways of living - and engage our imagination.

The Moon might be a faraway landscape, but to the Tour de Moon team, it’s also a sentient being: a living character who can help us shape new futures. Taking a tour across four cities in the UK and then journeying, Tour de Moon consider the consequences of human life here on Earth.

Tour de Moon is a far-reaching collection of live shows, nightlife events, digital experiences and public activities that will connect us with our lunar satellite. Join us – and the Moon – to dream our futures together.

Tour De Moon locations in Newcastle

  • Moon Experiences - Warehouse spaces, Lime Street
  • Moon Games - Walker Activity Dome
  • Short Film Viewings - Star & Shadow
  • Moon Talks Matinee - Star & Shadow
  • Moon Talks Matinee - Discovery Museum
  • Moon Talks and Events Evening - WORLD HQ Room 1
  • Tour de Moon Afterparty (Saturday only) - WORLD HQ Room 2
  • Moon Music - WORLD HQ Room 2

Eight missions with the moon

There are eight distinct strands to Tour de Moon. Each strand has a focus on night-time culture, and each one is being co-created with young people aged 18-25 recruited through an open call:

  • Moon Experiences
    Series of live immersive experiences in Newcastle, Leicester and Southampton to inspire you to consider your time on Earth – and to discuss and experience future utopias beyond our planet.
  • Moon Music
    Moon Music seeks to bring their voices together and reflect on their thoughts, opinions and vibes – weaving in sounds of the galaxy recorded by receivers around the Earth.
  • Moon Hotline
    Connect to the Moon through playful interactive experiments, digital experiences and live-streamed events.
  • Moon Sports
    Explore how sport could help us to rethink our collective futures on Earth, in space and perhaps beyond in our playground of giant inflatables, created with community sports groups and youth organisations.
  • Moon Cinema
    Reimagine our relationship with the Moon, the universe and each other with screenings of specially commissioned films and live midnight-mass cinema.
  • Moon Bar
    A forum for discussion – enter the Moon Saloon to watch, engage with and take part in multidisciplinary talks and workshops about the Moon and more.
  • Moon Press
    Run collectively by 18- to 25-year-olds, the Moon Press co-operative is an urgent intervention to create space for underrepresented writers, thinkers and artists – publishing across conventional and unexpected media, from printed books and digital publications to billboards, cereal boxes and much more.
  • Moon Convoy
    Experience the travelling parade, touring England’s highways, byways, towns and cities – including Newcastle - and concluding with a grand finale in Hackney, London.

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