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Hull, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, and NewcastleGateshead,

five very dynamic, postindustrial cities in the North of England, founded on the forces of traditional industry, and now being defined by a bold cultural renaissance. Nowhere else in England is there a concentration of iconic urban destinations undergoing such a dynamic transformation. Through art, music, literature, theatre, dance, architecture, cafes, restaurants, nightlife, festivals and events these cities offer experiences housed in richly varied regenerated environments. Each city is naturally unique and has its own personality, yet as a group they combine to deliver a compelling travel offer that is not only culturally rich but also effortlessly travelled and experienced.

Trans Pennine Express

Beginning in any city, the TransPennine Express ‘North of England City Experience’ ticket

connects all these cities with frequent services bringing you into the heart of your destination. Travel at your own pace with one easy-to-buy rail ticket enabling 4 days travel between the cities over an 8-day period for just £99, offering better value than individual tickets.

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