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What can I do over Jubilee Weekend in Newcastle Gateshead?
Daytripper Lead image
17 May 2022

Looking forward to another bank holiday weekend? Here are some great ways to celebrate the Jubilee weekend in NewcastleGateshead.

Things to do in May Half Term in Newcastle Gateshead
Daytripper Beamish Museum is holding Jubilee Celebrations from 28th May 5th June 2022
12 May 2022

Read our guide to things to do in NewcastleGateshead during the school holidays and May Half Term.

Feel Excited and Escape the Everyday in Newcastle Gateshead
Entertainment Escape the Everyday and Feel Excited
11 May 2022

There's a lot going on in Newcastle and Gateshead in 2022, definitely making it a year to feel excited about! Escape the everyday this summer and come join us in the North East for some exciting, unmissable events.

8 Ways to Escape the Everyday and Feel Connected in Newcastle
First Timer Escape the Everyday and Feel Connected
10 May 2022

Escape the everyday with a trip to NewcastleGateshead this summer where you will feel connected with friends when you explore the region's sights and iconic landmarks.

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12 of the best Guided Tours in Newcastle

There are plenty of excellent and award-winning guided tours to choose from in NewcastleGateshead. Discover the hidden histories, unpick the layers of heritage and familiarise yourself with our guide to 12 of the best guided tours in NewcastleGateshead.

Daytripper Toon Tour Bus Newcastle BLOG
10 Unusual nights out in Newcastle Gateshead

Newcastle is undeniably THE place for a night out but what if you're looking for something a bit different? Discover 10 unusual nights out in NewcastleGateshead...

Entertainment Point Blank Shooting Newcastle
Top 10 old pubs in Newcastle Gateshead

If you're looking for a pub with a bit of history or with the traditional aesthetic then we can help you quench your thirst for top 'old' pubs in Newcastle. Look no further than our top 10 guide to old pubs in Newcastle...

Foodie The Redhouse Newcastle Quayside
Comedy, Culture and Cosmic Carnival: Visit Newcastle this May!

If you are looking for reasons to visit NewcastleGateshead this May then take a look at our guide to these three highlights...

Entertainment Comedy Newcastle

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