Experience the journey to Newcastle with Lumo, the entirely electric train service that has been designed with passengers' well-being in mind. Whether you're coming from the north or the south, Lumo is the perfect option for reaching the heart of Newcastle. Embrace the eco-friendly choice while enjoying exceptional onboard amenities and services.

Environmentally Conscious

Lumo is 100% electric, significantly reducing carbon emissions compared to flights between London and Edinburgh. Relax knowing your journey isn't costing the earth.

Inclusive Single Class System

Lumo believes in treating all passengers as equals. That's why they offer a single class system, ensuring everyone receives the same high-quality service.

Affordable and Great Value

Lumo offers comfort, service, and a commitment to the environment without breaking the bank. Their digital systems recognize and reward loyal passengers without any extra effort.

Well-being Focused

Lumo has researched the five states of well-being (mental, physical, spiritual, social, and emotional) and built their service around these key areas. Enjoy ergonomic seats, personal lighting, and a stress-free journey that leaves you feeling refreshed upon arrival.

Customer Experience Ambassadors

Lumo's friendly and personable staff, known as Customer Experience Ambassadors, are dedicated to tending to your every need, ensuring a personalised and enjoyable travel experience.


Lumo's commitment to modern appetites is evident in their LumoEats menu, which features at least 50% plant-based options. Enjoy delicious and eco-friendly meal choices onboard.

Comfortable Seating

Lumo's seats are designed with premium fabric and ergonomic design, providing maximum comfort and promoting blood flow during your journey.

Choose Lumo for your journey to Newcastle and experience an exceptional, green, and inclusive way to travel. Enjoy top-notch service, comfort, and a commitment to the environment on your trip to the heart of Newcastle.

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