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Newcastle Cathedral is currently closed in response to the coronavirus pandemic. You can join their services, prayers and worship online through the Newcastle Cathedral website.

Newcastle Cathedral is located in the heart of the city and combined with the neighbouring Castle, it makes up the medieval quarter of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. For the most part, Newcastle St Nicholas Cathedral is a 14th-century construction with the 15th-century Lantern Tower. Visitors can find medieval treasure on their journey around the Cathedral which includes a stained glass roundel of the Virgin Mary, baby Jesus, ornate font cover and Thornton Memorial Brass.

The stained glass windows housed in the Cathedral are composed of mainly 19th and 20th-century glass; visitors will also be treated to other historic areas such as the 17th-century Hall, Maddison Memorials along with the Collingwood Monument, which has been dedicated to the Admiral Lord Collingwood.

St Nicholas is a dedicated Cathedral in Newcastle for the Church of England, covering an area which flows from the Tyne to the Tweed. The Cathedral hosts a seat for the Bishop of Newcastle which acts in support of the Bishops mission along with other duties such as teaching and pastoral ministry throughout the diocese.

The St Nicholas Cathedral offers a place of prayer, community service and spirituality for visitors and locals in Newcastle. Sessions for worshipping and prayer are held daily, a tradition which has lasted for over 900 years. There are an increasing number of varied cultural events that take place at certain times throughout the year with Christmas festivities playing a key role in the Cathedral's event programme.

Diocesan celebrations and civic services fill up most of the St Nicholas Cathedrals events calendar however it also serves as a place of serenity inside a bustling and vibrant city. Since the Cathedral was built it has served as a much valued home for a caring and worshipping community.

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Check the Cathedral's website for details of what's on

Telephone: 0191 232 1939


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