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Welcome to Newcastle City Guides

Newcastle City Guides will be back with their 2024 programme of walks. You'll find their guided tours and heritage walks on these pages soon. These fascinating guided tours explore Newcastle's historic city centre as well as delve into the stories and heritage within the surrounding region - from Heaton to Jesmond, Gateshead to Tynemouth. 

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Whether you are new to Newcastle, you've visited time and time before, or you're a local to the North East, discover the city and its rich heritage during the City Guide season.

Find out more about the regular City Highlights Tour here, which run every day from 1st May - 31st October (excluding Great North Run day).

You can also follow the City Guides on Facebook here.

    About Newcastle City Guides

    We are a group of well trained and enthusiastic volunteers who share a passion for the history, heritage and culture of our great city - Newcastle upon Tyne.  We are ready to take you on a guided tour to showcase the fascinating heritage you may not have discovered yet.

    Whether you’re visiting Newcastle and Gateshead for the first time, or you’re a local who wants to discover more about our fascinating region, join one of our knowledgeable Newcastle City Guides for a wide range of entertaining and carefully researched historical walks around Newcastle, Gateshead and surrounding areas.

     If you have any questions or would like to know more, please contact us by email..

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