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Thali Tray offers a small but perfectly formed selection of thalis: a traditional Indian selection of curries, breads and sides at Bealim House, close to St James' Park.

Having started as a street food stall, Thali Tray has quickly gained a reputation (and associated TripAdvisor ranking) as one of the city's best places for a quick, satisfying meal. Possibly one of the coolest places to eat in drink in Newcastle.

Useful Information

Opening Hours

Monday // 5pm – 9pm

Tuesday // 5pm – 9pm

Wednesday // 5pm – 9pm

Thursday // 5pm – 9.30pm

Friday // 5pm – 9.30pm

Saturday // 12noon – 9.30pm

Sunday *// 5pm – 9pm

*For the early home Newcastle United games, Thali Tray will open from 12noon

Telephone: 07535 625601


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