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In AD122 the Emperor Hadrian ordered a mighty frontier system to be built across Britain to defend the Roman Empire from the barbarians to the North. The result was Hadrian's Wall, a 73-mile barrier stretching from the River Tyne in the east to the Solway Firth in the west. Segedunum (which means 'strong fort') stood at the eastern end of the Wall and was home to 600 Roman soldiers. For almost 300 years Segedunum guarded this important part of the frontier.

Today, Segedunum Roman Fort and Museum is once again the gateway to Hadrian's Wall and the ideal attraction in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne to explore the incredible story of Roman life in the north of England.

Things to see and do:

- Walk around the excavated site of this important fort and view the original remains of Hadrian's Wall

- See the fort brought to life with interactive exhibits and models in the award-winning museum

- Discover original artefacts unearthed by the archaeologists

Visit reconstructions of a Roman bath house and a section of Hadrian's Wall

- Enjoy the view from the top of the 35 metre high viewing tower

Temporary exhibitions and events take place throughout the year.

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