Irish bars in newcastle

    Newcastle is known for its lively nightlife, warm hospitality, and diverse drinking establishments. Among the array of bars that dot the city's landscape, those with an Irish touch hold a special place. With their lively atmosphere, traditional music, and delightful drinks, Irish bars in Newcastle offer a taste of Ireland's rich culture and heritage.

    Read on to take a virtual journey through some of the best Irish bars in the city, where you can experience the warmth of the Emerald Isle right at your doorstep. Sláinte!

    Tyneside Irish Centre

    The Tyneside Irish Centre, nestled in the heart of Newcastle Upon Tyne, stands as a beacon of Irish culture and community spirit. Over the years, the center has evolved into a cherished institution that celebrates and preserves Ireland's rich heritage. With its distinctive green exterior, the Tyneside Irish Centre warmly welcomes visitors into a world of traditional Irish music, dance, and friendly camaraderie. The venue plays host to a wide range of events, from lively ceili dances and folk concerts to Irish language classes and cultural workshops. This cultural hub stands as a testament to the enduring connection between Newcastle Upon Tyne and Ireland, bridging the gap between two lands through its vibrant and inclusive offerings.

    The Dubliner

    One of the newest Irish bars in Newcastle, the Dubliner aims to be 'a taste of Temple Bar on the Quayside'. Situated in the former Julie's nightclub, The Dubliner has live music seven days a week and live sport.The perfect spot for a Guinness or two!


    Filthy's, located in the heart of Newcastle's nightlife scene, is a legendary and iconic venue that has been a staple of the city's social landscape for years. This lively bar captures the essence of Newcastle's vibrant atmosphere, drawing in locals and visitors alike with its energetic vibe and eclectic events. Filthy's boasts live music seven days a week, including an open mic night for up and coming artists.  Whether you're looking to dance the night away or simply relax with friends over a drink, Filthy's has something to offer everyone. With friendly staff and a wide selection of drinks, Filthy's promises an exhilarating night out in the heart of Newcastle.

    The Points

    Next door to Filthy's on the Bigg Market you will find The Points. Open on Friday's and Saturday's, The Points is an Irish bar hosting a plethora of live music. The Points is ideal for anyone who wants to have a sing along to well known Irish folk and rock songs. Entry is free, however on event nights and bank holidays, there may be a small entry fee. See you on the dance floor!

    Katie O'Brien's Irish Tavern

    Katie O’Brien’s Irish Tavern has taken over part of Collingwood Street nightclub, Bohemia, to offer revellers live music and authentic Irish drinks. Another new kid on the block, Katie O'Brien's is an Irish themed bar in the centre of the city. Open until late, the bar offers live music, DJ’s, Irish drinks and live sports in a cosy setting. 

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