NewcastleGateshead Latest Coronavirus Information and Practical Advice

Please read on for official coronavirus UK guidance and resources for travelling safely to and within Newcastle upon Tyne and Gateshead.

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    Newcastle and the North East (and England), like the rest of the UK will see lockdown restrictions lifted from Monday 19 July.

    From Monday 19 July

    • Read the full and most up to date guidance from the official government website:

    Government will lift all coronavirus restrictions and guidelines on Monday 19 July with a return to 'normality':

    • This will include the reopening of nightclubs 
    • All limitations on social contact will be removed

      Local authorities including Newcastle City Council and Gateshead Council ask that residents and visitors continue to practice the following guidelines:

      • regularly washing hands
      • wearing face masks when inside venues, on public transport and shopping
      • maintaining social distancing, staying 2 metres apart from non-household members
      • keep fresh air flowing when indoors
      • Get vaccinated when you are offered it, and encourage others to do so as well

      A message from Newcastle, Gateshead, North Tyneside, South Tyneside, Northumberland local authorities 

      From 19 July as we move forward to stage four in the roadmap it’s still important to proceed cautiously. Covid-19 has not gone away and regionally our case rates are some of the highest we have seen throughout the pandemic. While thankfully hospital admissions are not as high as previously, they are growing. People are still becoming very ill and even those with mild symptoms can go on to develop long Covid.

      To help protect others and keep the North East open there are some things we can all keep doing:

      • Be considerate – continue wearing a face covering indoors – particularly in crowded areas – and on public transport to protect others, including our frontline workers who we all rely on
      • Be cautious – the pandemic is not over, and continuing to wash hands, wear face coverings, keep your distance and meet outdoors when you can will help to prevent the virus spreading
      • Be kind – many people may still feel anxious about changes to restrictions, be mindful of how others may still want to distance and wear face coverings

      Step four is the next phase in managing the pandemic and we must learn to live alongside Covid-19 as safely as possible. The people of the North East have worked hard throughout the pandemic and made many sacrifices. Thank you for your continued support to ensure these efforts weren’t wasted / don’t throw it away.

      Please visit for specific updates on localised restrictions from the North East councils.

        Key information and most recent government guidelines for the UK:

        Can I still travel to NewcastleGateshead and the North East?

        From 17 May, travel restrictions have been lifted for both domestic travel and some specific international travel (check specific government guidelines about planning a holiday abroad)

        If you are already visiting the UK, you may return home. You should check whether there are any restrictions in place at your destination.

        You should continue to plan ahead and travel safely still remembering hands, face, space and fresh air.

        Read full government guidelines on travel and international travel on their official website here.

        Where do I need to wear a face mask in NewcastleGateshead?

        Rules around wearing face masks has changed in England since 19 July 2021. Government guidelines state:

        • The requirement to wear face coverings in law has been lifted. However, the Government expects and recommends that people wear face coverings in crowded areas such as public transport.

        It is strongly recommended that people in NewcastleGateshead continue to wear a face mask inside public spaces including attractions, restaurants and shops as well as on public transport. Many businesses are asking that the public continue to do so when they are inside their venue to help protect their staff and control the spread of coronavirus.

        Read more information about where to wear a face covering in NewcastleGateshead here.

        Getting around Newcastle and Gateshead safely on public transport

        Make sure to plan ahead when you travel and it is strongly advise that you continue to be safe by washing your hands, wearing a mask and keeping your distance. Tyne and Wear Metro system ask that everyone wear a mask when travelling by metro and on their bus and ferry service.

        Public transport is open, running to a regular timetable and safely ready to welcome visitors and locals back to NewcastleGateshead. 

            Getting around NewcastleGateshead on public transport with buses, metros and other transport providers is back to a normal service and operating a safe and efficient service. Check the following websites for more specific information about travelling in and around NewcastleGateshead via train, Metro and bus as well as information from the airport and ferry.

            Find out how you can travel safely to receive your confirmed vaccination at Newcastle's Centre for Life here.

            Find government's safer travel guides for using public transport here.

            Private car sharing - windows open

            Try to walk or cycle to get around locally

            Additional information around coronavirus in NewcastleGateshead

            Further resources

            Visit the official UK government website for the latest information on the coronavirus outbreak and advice for travellers, or take a look at the frequently asked questions on coronavirus on the National Heath Service (NHS) website.

            Practical information for visitors, local residents, business owners and signposting to local councils can be found on the NGI website here.

            What is coronavirus?

            Coronavirus is a new illness that can affect your lungs and airways. The coronavirus (Covid-19) symptoms include a cough, fever and breathing difficulties. You can find more information on the coronavirus on the National Health Service (NHS) website.

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