NewcastleGateshead Latest Coronavirus Information and Practical Advice

Please read on for official coronavirus UK guidance and resources for travelling safely to and within Newcastle upon Tyne and Gateshead.

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    Newcastle and the North East (and England) are gradually coming out of national lockdown with a careful roadmap for reopening.

    From 12 April 2021

    • Read the full and most up to date guidance from the official government website:

    Government restrictions and guidelines for the easing of lockdown include the following:

    • You must not meet socially indoors with family or friends outside your household (meaning the people you live with) or support bubble. 
    • It is advised to minimise travel where possible.
    • You can meet socially outdoors either in a group of 6 (from any number of households), or in a group of any size from up to 2 households (a household can include an existing support bubble, if eligible)
    • You can take part in formally organised outdoor sports with any number of people
    • Outdoor sports venues and facilities can reopen
    • You can meet in private gardens or public outdoor spaces (within rule of six or 2 households).
    • Non-essential retail shops can reopen as well as personal care retails and facilities (ie hairdressers and nail bars)
    • Indoor leisure facilities including gyms and swimming pools can reopen
    • Outdoor hospitality can reopen (ie pub gardens and outdoor restaurant dining areas) for groups within rule of 6 or 2 households
    • Self-contained holiday accommodation can be booked for households only

    It is still vital that we adhere to government guidelines in relation to the following guidelines too:

    • regularly washing hands
    • wearing face masks (here is a reminder of where you need to wear a face mask)
    • maintaining social distancing, staying 2 metres apart from non-household members

    Please visit for specific updates on localised restrictions from the North East councils.

    What is a support bubble?

    • A support bubble is where a household with one adult joins with another household (on an exclusive basis). Households within a bubble can still visit each other, stay overnight, and visit public places together.
    • A childcare bubble is where someone in one household can provide informal (i.e. unpaid and unregistered) childcare to a child aged 13 or under in another household. This must occur on an exclusive basis - always the same two households.

      Key information and most recent government guidelines for the UK:

      What are the government plans for reopening and coming out of national lockdown in England?

      It is important to be cautious and continue to adhere to safety measures including washing your hands, wearing masks and maintaining social distance. On Monday 22 February, the government laid out their road map for easing lockdown. England is now in the first stages of easing the national lockdown. The government plans will be based on data and will be reviewed at each stage, therefore projected dates are subject to change. Read the government's plans in full on their official website:

      • From Monday 8 March 2021
        • children return to schools across England
        • two people are allowed to sit outdoors together and enjoy the fresh air with a takeaway drink or picnic (rather than current measures which stipulate that only two people are allowed to meet up outside for exercise)
      • From Monday 29 March 2021
        • Six people or two households are allowed to meet up outside for leisure purposes
        • Outdoor sports activities can resume and outdoor sports facilities can reopen
        • Travel outside of your local area is permitted but not for overnight stay / holidays
        • Non-essential retail shops can reopen as well as personal care retails and facilities (ie hairdressers and nail bars)
        • Indoor leisure facilities including gyms and swimming pools can reopen
        • Outdoor hospitality can reopen (ie pub gardens and outdoor restaurant dining areas)
        • Self-contained holiday accommodation can be booked for households only
      • From Monday 17 May 2021 (if government review allows for progression at this point)
        • Six people or two households can meet inside at pubs and restaurants
        • Leisure and entertainment venues including cinemas, museums will reopen
        • Hotels will reopen
        • Events, performances and sporting events can take place
      • From Monday 21 June 2021 (if government review allows for progression at this point)
        • All limitations on social contact will be removed

      Which shops are open in NewcastleGateshead?

      From 12 April, all shops - both essential and non-essential retailers including indoor and outdoor markets - can open in Newcastle and Gateshead. All shops and traders that are open are expected to follow COVID-19 secure guidelines to protect customers, visitors and workers.

      Personal care and close contact services such as hairdressers and barbers, beauty salons, nail salons and beauty services can also reopen from 12 April. 

      Can I still travel to NewcastleGateshead and the North East?

      As the UK begins to ease out of a national lockdown, the rules and restrictions around travel will begin to ease. Between 29 March - 11 April 2021 the government guidelines state: 

      • You should minimise travel where possible and avoid making unnecessary trips 
      • You should not stay away from home overnight for a holiday.

      It is not possible to stay in self-contained accommodation until 12 April at the earliest... so until then, stay local if you live outside the North East and we look forward to welcoming you for a stay later in the year. 

      If you are already visiting the UK, you may return home. You should check whether there are any restrictions in place at your destination.

      Read full government guidelines on travel and international travel on their official website here.

      How will coronavirus lockdown restrictions and the reopening roadmap impact getting around Newcastle and Gateshead?

      Between 29 March and 11 April in the initial phases of the easing of lockdown, it is still advised to stay local and keep travel to a minimum. Consider your journeys, you should aim to reduce the number of journeys you make. 

      Find out how you can travel safely to receive your confirmed vaccination at Newcastle's Centre for Life here

      Find government's safer travel guides for using public transport here.

      If you do need to travel, please follow the following guidelines: 

      • You should not share private vehicles.
      • Try to limit use of public transport and avoid peak times by planning ahead
      • Try to walk or cycle to get around locally
      • Wear your mask, wash your hands or use hand sanitiser and respect the two-metre social distancing guidelines.

        Getting around NewcastleGateshead is possible on public transport with buses, metros and other transport providers running a near-normal service during the week to ensure safe and efficient travel. Try to avoid using public transport at peak and busy periods. Please see the following websites to check for more specific information about travelling in and around NewcastleGateshead via train, Metro and bus as well as information from the airport and ferry.

        Which outdoor spaces, parks and facilities are open in Newcastle and Gateshead?

        Outdoor spaces like parks, countryside and coast are widely available across NewcastleGateshead and the perfect place to enjoy fresh air and time outside. 

        When visiting an outdoor space in NewcastleGateshead, please do so safely and be respectful of the area you are visiting and ensure you are safe by practising social distancing and remaining 2 metres from members of the public outside your household.

        It is recommended to avoid times that are usually busy to ensure it is possible to socially distance effectively. 

        From 29 March, a number of outdoor attractions have begun to reopen and offer visitors a change of scene in their grounds only. Find out which outdoor attractions have reopened here.

          Outdoor spaces in Newcastle

          Outdoor spaces in Gateshead

          Outdoor spaces further afield

          • Tynemouth, Whitley Bay, South Shields and the North East coast (beaches and outdoor space only)
          • Hadrian's Wall Country - Enjoy a stroll in the Northumberland countryside. Check the Hadrian's Wall Country website for updated information.

          Which restaurants and cafes are open in Newcastle and Gateshead?

          From 12 April, restaurants, bars, cafes and pubs can provide table service for visitors enjoying food and drink outside only. Masks must be worn when moving around or using the toilet facilities. Dining and drinks outside must be with your household, within the rule of six, or with two households.

            Restaurants, cafes or pubs may still provide takeaway or collection only. Food and non-alcoholic drinks only can be ordered for takeaway via click and collect and drive through until 11pm.  

            We will be regularly updating our list of Takeaway food and drink options here including takeaway Sunday lunches, afternoon teas, coffees and more.

            • From 17 May, pubs and restaurants should hopefully be able to reopen for indoor dining.

              Which attractions have reopened in NewcastleGateshead?

              Under national lockdown restrictions - entertainment venues, attractions, museums, personal care facilities including spas must close. Check out our Virtual events category for activities to keep you busy during the restrictions.

              Some outdoor attractions and indoor gym and leisure facilities like swimming pools and climbing walls can reopen from 12 April.

                From 17 May, indoor venues will be able to reopen and we will update which attractions are open in more detail here.

                What accommodation is available in NewcastleGateshead?

                Hotels and accommodation providers across NewcastleGateshead have been told to close during the national lockdown as outlined in the government's guidelines for staying away from home and holidays

                • Overnight stays and holidays away from primary residences are not allowed - including holidays in the UK and abroad. This includes staying in a second home or caravan, if you own one, or staying with anyone you do not live with or are in a support bubble with.

                There are some exemptions for staying in a hotel including for essential work travel, to attend a funeral or visiting your exclusive support bubble. 

                Find out which hotels are open in NewcastleGateshead.

                From 12 April, self-contained accommodation will hopefully be able to reopen for households and from 17 May, it is proposed that all accommodation will reopen.

                Additional information around coronavirus in NewcastleGateshead

                Further resources

                Visit the official UK government website for the latest information on the coronavirus outbreak and advice for travellers, or take a look at the frequently asked questions on coronavirus on the National Heath Service (NHS) website.

                Practical information for visitors, local residents, business owners and signposting to local councils can be found on the NGI website here.

                What is coronavirus?

                Coronavirus is a new illness that can affect your lungs and airways. The coronavirus (Covid-19) symptoms include a cough, fever and breathing difficulties. You can find more information on the coronavirus on the National Health Service (NHS) website.

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