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Everybody is WelcoMe

For those planning a trip to Newcastle, Gateshead and the wider region, WelcoMe offers a wealth of essential information, including comprehensive accessibility guides for popular attractions, and the ability to contact customer service teams with details about an upcoming visit. Armed with this knowledge, travellers can better prepare for their journey, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable stay.

WelcoMe provides real-time support on the go, equipping visitors with access needs with interactive maps, up-to-date accessibility information, and personalised recommendations tailored to specific needs. This invaluable tool allows disabled visitors to confidently explore the city, with fewer barriers and challenges along the way.

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Book an accessible visit with WelcoMe

WelcoMe has a range of businesses on board in the region, such as Newcastle Castle in the city centre, Staybridge Suites in Newcastle, Tyne Theatre and Opera House and Queen’s Hall in Northumberland.

From hotels to museums, farms to entertainment venues, browse the list of businesses signed up in Newcastle, Gateshead and the wider region below, and start planning your trip today.