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Meat:Stack has been a popular choice in NewcastleGateshead for a number of years, offering its top quality burgers from its first pop-up venture on the Quayside Market, to setting up a kiosk in Grainger Market. Now, Meat:Stack has firmly established themselves with their own restaurant.

Expect to see some delicious new dishes added to their restaurant menu while making they stick to their roots and continue to offer the Meat:Stack staple burgers that are smashed, steamed and served fast.

That's not all! ​Treat yourself to your fix of grill smashed and steamed cheeseburgers at Meat:Stack which serves up one of Newcastle's best burgers at Grainger Market . Each of the burgers and lovingly grilled are made using the UK’s finest salt aged beef.

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Open 9am-10pm, seven days a week.

Telephone: 0191 435 2895


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