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A very happy birthday to Newcastle's Grainger Market! 

On 22 October 2020, Grainger Market hits an impressive milestone when it celebrates 185 years since it first opened. The city centre indoor market has been an important part of Newcastle's history and heritage for nearly 200 years and is still a must-visit location for anyone visiting Newcastle today.

First opened in 1835, Grainger Market was originally divided into two sections with a butchers and vegetable market. Two-centuries later and the indoor market is still a bustling retail hub which has a thriving range of butchers, greengrocers and fishmongers as well as diversifying with the addition of bakeries, patisseries, cafes, clothes retailers and haberdasheries. Nowadays the Grainger Market is also the go-to place in Newcastle for independent food shopping and a tasty range of street food venders. 

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A little history...

Grainger Market is an award-winning, Grade I Listed Market, which retains much of the stunning light and airy architecture that was designed by John Dobson. The indoor market was built as part of Newcastle's redevelopment by architect Richard Grainger in the 1830s. The striking glazed barrelled roof of the Grainger Market was added in 1901 to replace the original timber roof which had been damaged in a fire. Visitors to Newcastle and Gateshead who are keen to admire the architecture of the city and explore the region's heritage should make sure Grainger Market is on their to do list, alongside other landmarks found in the heart of Newcastle city centre such as nearby Central Arcade, stunning architecture along Grey Street and of course Grey's Monument

Grainger Market is currently undergoing renovation work, particularly of its impressive barrelled roof, but continues to be a thriving shopping centre in Newcastle and a great place to visit if you're looking to support local businesses. If you're local to Newcastle, Grainger Market also provides an excellent delivery service - it's delivery patch extended as a result of its resilience during the coronavirus pandemic - so check out what you can order online from the indoor market.

10 places to shop and visit in Grainger Market

The Yesterday Society Vintage Shop

Fashionistas and ethical shoppers will be pleased to find The Yesterday Society Vintage Shop in Grainger Market with wall to wall vintage and retro goodies. Browse the rails of vintage clothes which are updated each day or scour for a bargain in the shelves of retro accessories and homeware. Check their social media before you visit if you're going to Grainger Market specifically to browse the vintage boutique as they have been experienced closures due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Geordie Gifts

Whether you're a local or visiting for city break - there is always room for another tea towel or mug in your house right? Geordie Gifts in Grainger Market is a great place to pick up your gifts and souvenirs. The unique range of cards, key rings and prints ooze Geordie flair and wit. 

The French Oven

The French Oven sells fresh and artisan bread, bakes, scones, pies and savoury delights six days a week. The independent bakery is a very popular part of the Grainger Market family which has a focus on homemade and locally-source produce. 

Pet Lamb Patisserie

The trendy patisserie tucked in the corner of Grainger Market is small but perfectly formed. Pet Lamb Patisserie smells as good as it looks as the artisan coffee shop bakes its tasty produce on site. Only offering takeaway hot drinks and sweet treats at the moment, Pet Lamb Patisserie is still well-worth investigating. Choose from an impressive and creative array of cupcakes, traybakes and celebration cakes; currently with autumnal flavours like spiced apple and pumpkin.

Matthew's Cheese Specialist 

If cheese is your thing then take your time browsing the options at Matthew's Cheese Specialist in Grainger Market. The independent deli also deliver direct to your home so you can be enjoying a cheese board while you work! 

Redhead's Mac N Cheese

Fans of Mac N Cheese will be heaven! Grainger Market is home to Redhead's Mac N Cheese which prides itself on being the first dedicated street food venue which focuses on the humble Mac N Cheese. Perfect for a chilly afternoon. 

M&S Penny Bazaar

Did you know that Grainger Market is also home to Marks and Spencer Original Penny Bazaar, the world's smallest Marks and Spencer store which has been part of the indoor market for nearly its whole lifetime? It is still open today and is the last surviving example of the Penny Bazaar shops which gave birth to the well known Marks and Spencer's chain of stores.

Nil Living

Nil Living is a one-stop shop for ethically source products in reusable containers! One of the first zero waste shops of it's kind in Newcastle and Gateshead, Nil Living sells a wide range of dry foods and household products. 


A regular and firm favourite at a variety of markets including the Quayside Market and Tynemouth Market, Acropolis has a permanent home in Grainger Market where it serves up authentic Greek street food six days a week. Acropolis is independently ran and often has the longest queue for it's award-winning mezze platters and wraps. 

La Casa Delicatessen 

Continue your tour of the Mediterranean all under the one roof of Grainger Market with a stop off at La Casa Delicatessen. Pick up a selection of Spanish cured meats, wine, chocolate and cheese or pull up a chair and watch the world go buy while you enjoy a plate of tapas.

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