Take part in the 40th Great North Run which is sponsored by Simplyhealth! There are several different ways of entering the Great North Run, including entering the general ballot, running on behalf of a charity or participating as an elite athlete.

Ballot is now closed - Simplyhealth Great North Run 2020.

Enter the general ballot here.

The Great North Run ballot is open from Monday 6 January until 9pm on Sunday 9 February 2020.

The general ballot for the Great North Run is now open. Those who want to take part in the run will have to visit the Great North Run ballot page which is located on the Great Run website. From here, people will then have the ability to enter the ballot stream were they can register and enter their details.

Note** - the entry form will request payment details but no charge will be taken from the account until the user is successful.

The closing date for the ballot for the Great North Run 2020 is Sunday 9 February 2020.

Once the ballot closes, aspiring runners can still take part by running on behalf of a charity. Find out how you can run for a charity here.

You  must be 17 years and over to take part in the Simplyhealth Great North Run. If you are under 17 and a keen runner, find out about the Simplyhealth Junior and Mini Great North Run events.

Simplyhealth Great North Run Charity Places 2020

For many participants, raising money for a chosen charity is often one of the most important and most rewarding reasons for taking part in the Great North Run. There are many charities involved in the event so it is really easy to find a cause to support which is close to your heart.

Unlike entering the general ballot which is randomised, opting to run on behalf of a charity will guarantee a place in the event. A wide range of charities of all sizes have a number of places available and can allocate them to aspiring participants in return for a commitment to raise an agreed sponsorship amount.

As well as guaranteeing a place in the Great North Run, running on behalf of a charity offers an additional motivation to the race dynamic and has spurred on thousands of people from all around the world to reach some phenomenal achievements. Last year, it was announced that Great North Run participants raised £26,332,773 for hundreds of good causes. 

There are still places available to support many great charities – don’t waste any more time; sign up now and make a difference! We have a list of some of the charities involved to help you find a cause to support and represent in the race.

It is always best to contact your chosen charity directly for more information on supporting them in the Great North Run.

Simplyhealth Great North Run Entry Fee 2020

There is a statutory entry fee of £58 per entry which must be paid by both affiliated and unaffiliated participants.

If you opt to enter via the general ballot, your entry fee will be charged once you have been notified that your application has been successful.

If your chosen method of entry is via a charity place, then your entry fee will be paid to your supporting charity. During the process of gaining a charity place for the Great North Run, you and the charity will agree a minimum pledge which you will aim to meet in return for your slot in the race.

Simplyhealth Great North Run Elite Entry Requirements

For those who are running the Great North Run competitively, there are elite start placements available for people who meet a certain race criteria, however, the elite fields are restricted so it is advised to apply early to increase your chances of gaining one.

If you would like to apply for an elite start, the Great Run website informs aspiring runners to get in touch with Andy Nixon with personal details and information on qualifying performances.

Any athlete wanting to apply for an elite placement in the Great North Run will have to meet the race criteria below:-


Men (minutes)

Women (minutes)

Wheelchair (minutes)





10 mile




Half Marathon








There are other standards which are considered for elite entry including the below:

  • Top 20 place at the National Senior XC Championships
  • Representing Great Britain at XC/ road or track (at 1500 and above) over the last 3 years (Junior/ U23 / Senior)

The Elite Management Team at Great Run specify that the above is only a guide and meeting the provided criteria does not guarantee an elite placement. They also reserve the right to refuse placement, regardless of whether the criteria has been met or not.

Elite placements for the Great North Run are available up until 2 weeks before the event date (August 27) and no entries will be accepted after this date.

Simplyhealth Great North Run 2020 Ballot Check

If have applied for the Great North Run and have not yet checked whether or not your entry has been successful, the Great Run website have provided a form to allow you to check the status of your application.

Information coming soon: Check your ballot status.

I’ve realised I can no longer take part in the 2020 Simplyhealth Great North Run, can I withdraw my entry from the ballot?

Please email info@greatrun.org to request to be withdrawn from the ballot. Please include your name, date of birth and post code so the customer services team can locate your entry. You would need to send your request in by 12noon on Friday 7th February.