Calcoholic - How Alcohol Ruined my Life

Calcoholic - How Alcohol Ruined my Life
Calcoholic - How Alcohol Ruined my Life

Join Cal Halbert (Britain's Got Talent, Good Morning Britain, The Gadget Show) in a laughter-filled stand-up comedy showcase that humorously and honestly explores his darkest moments and path to sobriety.

Cal, we all love a drink, but nobody likes a drunk. "You’d drink if you were me, I can have one, you can have wine with a meal, it’s your round, one for the road, one more for the road". Ever said any of that? Cal did. Loads. Cal completed drinking and it wasn’t the glorious victory we all hoped for. It was no podium finish – it was a gutter ball.

Join Cal Halbert on his discovery and acceptance of being an alcoholic. How it led to that, what happened and how he got better.

With impeccable timing and hilarious anecdotes, Cal fearlessly navigates his battle with alcohol and road to recovery, offering an evening of belly laughs and clever observations. 'Calcoholic' is a celebration of resilience and the cathartic power of humour and personal reflection. It is not just a show; it's a laughter-fueled journey through the highs, lows, and hilarities of life in recovery, promising to leave you uplifted by the end of the night.

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19th July 2024,
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