Best places to watch football Newcastle

    Newcastle is well known for its vibrant football culture and passionate fans. Whether you're a devoted Toon Army supporter or a fan of other teams, the city provides an unforgettable football-watching experience. 

    From traditional pubs to trendy sports bars, here are some of the best places to catch a match and immerse yourself in the electric atmosphere of Newcastle's football scene.

    The Akenside Traders

    Located on the Quayside, the Akenside Traders is a bustling pub, showing live sport in a stylish yet rustic atmosphere. The pub has several TV's and screens that show football including Newcastle and England live games, Six Nations rugby matches and boxing. The pub is family friendly throughout the day and can get quite lively in the evenings with many revellers staying to have a drink or two after watching a big game. The pub serves food until 9pm and has a wide range of craft beers, premium lagers, ciders, gins, rum and tequila - not forgetting artisan cocktails.

    Shark Club

    Shark Club is located next to St James' Park and is one of the city's most famous sports bars. featuring live sport, incredible atmosphere and delicious food, Shark Club is the perfect spot to watch football in Newcastle. With over 30 flat screen TV's and a huge 3D projector, you won't miss any nail biting action. Don't miss their famous 'Wings Wednesday' promotion for a hump day treat where you can grab wings for 50p each. 

    Shearer's Sports Bar & Lounge

    Newcastle United's sports bar and lounge, aptly named Shearer's after one of the Magpies greats, is located at the Gallowgate end of St James Park. The bar offers an extensive cocktail, beer and wine list, high quality food and contemporary surroundings. Shearer's also has an outside terrace for those wishing to dine or drink alfresco. Whether you are heading into St James' Park to watch the match, or watching the action from the bar you won't miss a second as the bar boasts 35 large screen TV's. All of Newcastle United's home games, alongside all other football matches are shown live in the bar meaning fans can soak up the atmosphere at St James' Park.

    The Wonderbar

    The Wonderbar, located in the Gate in Newcastle City Centre, is an ultimate Newcastle venue with food and drink, interactive darts, dancing, and live sports all under one roof.  Sit back and watch the footy and have a go playing interactive darts at half time. Enjoy a bite to eat alongside a cold beer in a bar that has arguably the largest screen for sport in the entire city, you won't regret it!

    Bar 52

    Standing proudly in the heart of Newcastle, Bar 52 is one of Newcastle's most well known sports bars and stands as a premier destination for sports enthusiasts and social revelers alike. This dynamic establishment seamlessly combines the thrill of live sports with an inviting and energetic atmosphere. With multiple large screens strategically placed throughout the venue, patrons can cheer for their favorite teams while enjoying an extensive selection of food and drink.  Whether it's a heated match, a championship event, or a casual game night with friends, Bar 52 ensures an unforgettable atmosphere for all who step through its doors.

    The Hancock

    The Hancock Pub continues to hold its place as a treasured gathering spot that embodies the spirit and community of football. Standing next to Newcastle Civic Centre, the Hancock has been a football's fan favourite for quite some time. With screens lining the walls of the pub, it is very hard to miss any of the action! With great value drinks and food, the Hancock is a must for any sports fan and the pub boasts a large outdoor seating area with TV's so you can soak up the sun and not miss a minute. 

    St James' Park

    We couldn't not include St James' Park when listing the best places to watch football in Newcastle. Named by fans as 'the cathedral on the hill', St. James' Park is an iconic landmark nestled at the heart of Newcastle, and stands as a testament to the city's rich sporting heritage and fervent football culture. Home to Newcastle United Football Club, the stadium radiates an electric energy on matchdays, with a sea of black and white filling its stands. Its hallowed grounds have witnessed countless historic moments and passionate cheers from devoted fans. The stadium's legacy extends beyond the pitch, hosting a range of events that bring the community together. St. James' Park stands not only as a sporting arena but also as an emblem of unity, pride, and shared enthusiasm that has woven itself into the fabric of the city's character, making it arguably the best place to watch football in the city. 

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