The Nick Gladdish Band

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The Nick Gladdish Band
Anyone who’s even vaguely familiar with the grassroots buskers/gigging scene of Newcastle will be familiar with the mellow, bluesy tones of singer/songwriter, Nick Gladdish.

A regular of Bar Loco, The Old George, Colonel Porters and anywhere else providing a microphone (and a decent pint), Nick can be found most nights soulfully serenading the regulars of such establishments, as well as offering friendly support (and quick-witted banter) to the many musicians, poets, jammers and drinkers who also form the fabric of the north East’s music scene.

Not that one would need any further convincing of Nick’s dedication and passion for original music after witnessing a late rendition of one of his many compositions, but he also boasts over two decades of contributions to the audible arts which would no doubt serve as a source of pride to any songwriter.

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8th July 2022,
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