Get Heavy Fest 2024

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Get Heavy Fest 2024
Welcome to the ultimate heavy music celebration! GET HEAVY Fest descends upon Gateshead at Downcast Studios, promising a seismic collision of raw energy, thunderous beats, and ear-shattering riffs. Brace yourself for a day of unrelenting sonic assaults featuring an electrifying lineup of headliners and emerging titans of the heavy music scene.

Headliners: Kilonova, Catalysis, Swarms UK, Dystopian Sun, I Am The Wreckage, Godeth, Erebor, Morrows Massacre & Divine Image

Prepare to be enveloped in a cacophony of genres, from the bone-crushing rhythms of Kilonova to the relentless onslaught. Catalysis. Swarms UK will command the stage with their blistering intensity, while Dystopian Sun's atmospheric soundscapes transport you to another dimension. Expect the raw power of I Am The Wreckage, the unforgiving heaviness of Godeth, and Erebor's epic metal that resonate through the soul.

Morrows Massacre will unleash a sonic tempest, and Divine Image will captivate with their haunting melodies, promising an unforgettable journey through the realms of heavy music.

Downcast Studios, the hallowed grounds for this colossal gathering, will vibrate with the passion and fury of these exceptional bands, creating an atmosphere where headbangers, moshers, and heavy music enthusiasts unite in sheer euphoria.

Prepare to immerse yourself in a maelstrom of adrenaline-pumping performances, where the walls reverberate with the pulse of heavy metal, the air crackles with anticipation, and every riff is an invitation to lose yourself in the intensity of GET HEAVY Fest.

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17th August 2024,
  • Standard
  • GBP 12
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