Fundraiser for Gaza

Fundraiser for Gaza
Please join us for a night of music and solidarity with all proceeds going towards Gaza Aid Direct: a grassroots group working directly with displaced families in Rafah.

Multilingual Choir
The Multilingual Choir is an informal group of people from different cultural backgrounds who come together to sing, make noise and have fun. Their beautifully-fun music totally enrapture the audience.

Late Girl
Late Girl is an electronic project using sound and programming music tools to creating looming melodies that hint at a classical background and perverted samples of a surreal humour. This is an experimental take on programmed beat music. Sometimes submerging written or sung stories with soundscape pieces, Late Girl externalises cultural observations with a personal take and irreverent approach.

Ceitidh Mac
With a progressive twist to her music, Ceitidh Mac is an alt.folk singing / cellist, tipped by Jude Rogers as a ‘Fascinating new Welsh-born, Tyneside-dwelling singer-songwriter and cellist, with an unusual, stunning voice.’ Absorbing in it’s originality, Ceitidh Mac creates songs that soar with contemporary arrangements / instrumentation, whilst playing with live and electronic elements, and with a prominent folk influence.

DJ Omar
DJ Omar is a vibrant force emanating from the heart of Jordan. He is a young Arabic talent whose passion lies in disco music infused with the rich sounds of the Middle East. His music is a captivating blend, finding its essence at the intersection of traditional Arabic melodies, the infectious groove of disco, and the contemporary edge of electronic music. DJ Omar is on a trajectory to redefine the landscape of arabesque dance music. His journey is not just an exploration of sound but a celebration of his heritage, making him a standout artist poised with big dreams.

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11th May 2024,
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  • GBP 3 - 12
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