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En Attendant Ana
Parisian quintet En Attendant Ana have dazzled since day one. From the muted strains of their 2016 EP Songs From The Cave, to the assured 2018 TiM debut Lost & Found, to the sparkling refrains of Juillet; released just before the world collapsed around us, and which stood as the band's rebirth and purest statement of their music ambitions - until now.

Principia is the band's third album and is without a doubt their best yet. Principia is a great step forward without sacrificing the things that make the band unique. The nods to French pop (both current & classic) still permeate the proceedings, and the group's penchant for Anglo-Saxon indie pop from The Nineties (think Electrelane, Stereolab, American Analog Set) still rings out, but there's an air of - dare we say - maturity in Principia's twelve songs.

The group always felt a little out-of and ahead-of its time, but tunes like Wonder The Cutoff and Same Old Story are cinematic and romantic, and absolutely feel like the next great phase of an already great band.

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