Awesometistic presents A Million Blankets

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Awesometistic presents A Million Blankets
The Autistic Adoptee – From troubled childhood to ARTISTICALLY AWESOME. It’s time to take off some of the masking and show ‘it’s ok to be me!’

“Richie overcomes huge challenges presented to him by the ignorance to his condition, and ultimately emerges triumphant. This poignant and optimistic story is a must watch”

In Richie’s own words: “Growing up without a diagnosis of ASD was difficult to say the least; struggling immensely with everyday life, I didn’t understand where I fit into this world carrying out different behaviours to others, but at the time I didn’t understand why I was doing them but really struggled to stop. I felt like a freak for 34 years. I have felt throughout my life I have had to hide away and compress everything deep inside - resulting in some very low points in my life. Mix in my adoption and child abuse, it has been a roller coaster, that I'm keen to share.

“I have learned a lot about myself and became very self-aware. I feel this puts me in a very good position to share my story from my heart of my life growing up; wanting people to learn more about ASD and how they can change their environment or their behaviour to help people that have ASD. I tried to show people that autism isn’t life limiting and they can achieve whatever they put their minds too.

“I am sharing my insight in hope that it makes people think differently about autism.”


Please note, this show contains:

Discussions around the topics of self harm, overdose, adoption, rape, eating disorder, gambling.

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17th March 2023,
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  • GBP 18
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