Tyne Theatre Guided Tours 2022

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Tyne Theatre Tours

Take a tour of our city's historic cultural venue, Tyne Theatre and Opera House, on the first Saturday of each month at 11am.

A day out at the Tyne Theatre and Opera House will take you back over 150 years!

The theatre was built in 1867 by industrialist and politician, Joseph Cowen - at his own cost and with his own bricks. It was a time of heavy industry when life was hard and when the warmth, light and escapism of the theatre answered a major need for the workers. The Tyne Theatre and Opera House was built especially for those people.

The Grade I listed building is a unique creation of that era. With its lavish auditorium, outstanding acoustics and original Victorian understage machinery, the Tyne Theatre produced entertainment that amazed the audiences of the time and brought them back asking for more.

The one hour tour of the building will explore all areas, including the understage, backstage and many other secret areas never seen on a normal visit. Your tour guide will reveal the theatre’s fascinating history, and highlight tales of its stars, its shows and even its ghosts…


  • Sat 5 Feb, Sat 5 Mar, Sat 9 Apr, Sat 7 May, Sat 4 Jun - 11am

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