The Resurrection Men: Body Snatchers in the 19th Century

The Resurrection Men: Body Snatchers in the 19th Century
This one hour talk will look at the ways corpses were 'acquired' for medical education.


1 Hour and 15 Minutes

In the early nineteenth century, demand for corpses for medical education was far outstripping supply, and there was one obvious place to look. If students couldn't "find" bodies, they could always hire the bodysnatchers, aka resurrection men, to do the deed for them. We'll look at their methods and gangs, the grisly impact on the Royal Mail, and how people fought back, from mortsafes to coffin guns.

Jo "the historymonger" Bath is a Doctor of Crime (well, seventeenth century crime), but is equally at home in all periods of history, as long as she gets to mess around with the gory, sexy, spooky, wild, weird or wonderful bits of it. She teaches history to anyone of any age who stays still long enough to listen, and has recently braved doing so via this "internet" thing as well.

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8th October 2022,
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