The Patron's Concert: Bradley Creswick and Friends Play

Bradley Creswick Friends
Bradley Creswick MBE, Leader Emeritus of the Royal Northern Sinfonia is the new Patron of The Children’s Foundation. This is his inaugural Patron’s Concert. He will be joined by friends in playing music he loves, pieces you will recognise and for which he has a reputation, alongside the Unknown Bradley, where he will surprise you with his love for a different genre… and instrument. Come and enjoy his boundless enthusiasm for the music, his charisma, and his unique rapport with the audience. “ Bradley has become a regional treasure since joining the orchestra…..he is a class act…” (Thorben Dittes, Director of Royal Northern Sinfonia and Classical Music Programme, Sage Gateshead) He is supporting his charity The Children’s Foundation and their positive interventions for North East Children by , ‘Making Serious Stuff Fun’. This concert forms part of the 2021 William Shield Festival. He is one of Tyneside's greatest composers, born in Swalwell, Co. Durham. He is little- known today but he was the 18th Century equivalent of Andrew Lloyd Webber! This year Bradley will lead the William Shield chamber Orchestra in performing The Poor Soldier, on the 27th and 28th October at Jesmond United Reformed Church More about The Children's Foundation... The Children’s Foundation exists to tackle the challenges of childhood at a grass-root level, laying a foundation of resilience to enable children to thrive. We are a registered charity set up in 1990 in Newcastle upon Tyne. We do not receive any statutory funding. Today we continue to improve the health and well-being of the most vulnerable and marginalised children and young people from birth to 18 in the North East by Making Serious Stuff Fun! Our overall aim; that North East children and young people are happy and healthy. They feel loved, respected, given a voice and are heard. We were honoured when Bradley Creswick MBE accepted our invitation to become our new Patron. This is his inaugural concert, designed to raise funds in support of our work with children in the North East. The pandemic prevented any of our, ‘normal’ fundraising, and although things are improving rapidly, there is a gap. This concert will help to take us forward building on a past full of achievement and taking us forward to an innovative future. In August 2020 The Children’s Foundation began their 30th Anniversary Year, and the MaM , Make a Million’ campaign was created. The funds will give every new baby and Mam a Box. The pilot of 200 is planned to commence in 2021, delivering into deprived areas. Each MaM Box provides a safe sleeping space, coming with a mattress and sheets, the lid is a changing space. Content are focussed on baby development and promote good bonding and attachment based parenting. It sits on sound research; The Boston Basics, of sing, laugh, play, count, read, love and has created excitement and support across all healthcare professionals

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