Samuel Blaser Trio + Laura Toxværd with Jeppe Zeeberg + Atzi Muramatsu and Fritz Welch

Samuel Blaser Trio  Laura Toxvrd with Jeppe Zeeberg  Atzi Muramatsu and Fritz Welch
Samuel Blaser Trio

Samuel Blaser (Trombone)

Marc Ducret (Guitar)

Peter Bruun (Drums)

The Samuel Blaser Trio has played together extensively in recent years, developing a kinetic language and an active sense of restrained interplay, with each capable of taking one of the other’s musical ideas and pressing it into action. The shape-shifting trio can march, tumble, groove, simmer or flare up, depending on the needs of the moment.

“This is a remarkable trio” - The New York City Jazz Record

Laura Toxværd with Jeppe Zeeberg

Laura Toxværd (Saxophone)

Jeppe Zeeberg (Piano)

Laura Toxværd is a Copenhagen-based composer and saxophonist. Toxværd was brought up in the tradition of jazz music and she quickly developed an interests for avant-garde and free jazz, and eventually more contemporary music.

Her music has been described as "geometric post-jazz" by The Wire with such divergent inspirations as Charlie Parker and 1990s grunge music added with a bit of electronica. As a composer she often explores the realm of graphic notations. In this special working technique she brings together visual art and music.

Jeppe Zeeberg’s style is a personal, uncompromising mix of genres based on jazz and free improvisation. In 2019, Zeeberg's fifth album, Universal Disappointment, was released to positive reviews globally. Jazz Special wrote, among other things: "Not all music is equally accessible. But nothing matters. All the music on this wonderful release has its own soul, its own expression and cannot be compared to anything”.

Atzi Muramatsu and Fritz Welch

Atzi Muramatsu (Cello)

Fritz Welch (Drums and Percussion)

Atzi Muramatsu and Fritz Welch met sometime in the past decade at a swap meet organized by a splinter group of the Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra. Soon after they played a duo gig intending to shake loose an unseen talisman only to uncover a lovely collision of glistening headaches. Their first record CREATURE was recorded in 2017 and available on Bandcamp.

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