Playback Theatre Open Day For All

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Playback Theatre Open Day For All
Come and experience PLAYBACK THEATRE for the first time or come back to play/tell/listen again to real life stories.

The purpose of these workshops is to build the community who can and wants to practice this form of improvisation and in a long run to build an ensemble to perform for live audiences.

This open day which hopes to promote and develop the practise of Playback Theatre in and around Newcastle. Open to everyone, no performing experience necessary.

We dedicate this day to

*get to know each other and play

*get to know the basics and the concept of Playback Theatre in practise.

*get to know some forms and the ethics of Playback Theatre and the value of listening and telling our stories in a group

*performs to each other at the end of the day where you can choose to be an audience or performer

*tell our life stories small or big

*practise listening

*practise improvised community theatre

*make friends


29th of April 2023


Arrival from 11:00

Starting time 11:30

Finishing around 16:30

Lunch break 45 minutes and some more smaller breaks as needed.

Lunch - we invite you to bring food to share, but respected if you choose to refrain from sharing. There are shops and some food places about 10 minutes away at Gateshead Interchange.


My dear teacher Veronica Needa once wrote the followings:

Playback Theatre is created through a unique collaboration between performers and audience. Someone tells a story or moment from their life, chooses actors to play the different roles, and then watches as their story is immediately recreated and given artistic shape and coherence.


Playback Theatre creates a ritual space where any story - however ordinary, extraordinary, hidden or difficult -might be told, and immediately made into theatre. And where each person's uniqueness is honoured and affirmed while at the same time building and strengthening our connections to each other as a community of people.


The original Playback Theatre Company came together in 1975, with Jonathan Fox as its director. This was in the mid-Hudson valley of upstate New York and part of the experimental theatre explorations of the 1970s - looking for ways of reaching out to its audience, bringing theatre closer to everyday reality, and breaking away from the tradition of scripted theatre. Since then, Playback Theatre has spread across the world with companies and practitioners in many, many countries. It thrives in a variety of settings, existing as community theatre gatherings as well as a professional service to both the business and social sector.


Agi Orban has been practising Playback Theatre since 2009. She has started her journey in Hungary, Budapest with Pepita Playback theatre. She moved to the UK/London in 2013 to learn more of this form of improvised community theatre and was lucky to work with True Heart Theatre and London Playback Theatre on many various project. She was the administrator for the School of Playback Theatre UK between 2013-2016. In 2018 she started the Playback Theatre in Byker project where she taught Playback Theatre to the members of the community and the project lasted a year.

Agi has graduated in 2019 on the Playback Theatre Leadership course and holds a certificate from The Centre for Playback Theatre on the ART of teaching Playback Theatre.

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29th April 2023,
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