Perplexing Plague Peculiarities by D.G. Fitzgerald

Perplexing Plague Peculiarities by D.G. Fitzgerald
This one hour talk will explore the terrifying Black Death and how it was treated. Join D.G Fitzgerald to explore the perplexing plague!

1 Hour and 15 Minutes

Why did plague doctors look so bizarre? What religious movement thought they could get rid of disease by whipping themselves? And how is a chicken meant to get rid of my plague? Come along as we explore a disease which to this day, remains infamous as being one of the worst epidemics in history: the Black Death. We’ll be looking at how the medieval mind viewed disease, what kind of effect the Great Plague had on people and the many bizarre ways they tried to treat it. In addition will be a brief look at the speaker’s self-published novel, inspired by his plague-fuelled pursuits…

D.G. Fitzgerald is an amateur history enthusiast, with particular interest in plague history. Having been born a few centuries late for the title of ‘plague doctor’ to be a valid job description, he makes do with immersing himself in the various accounts of it and teaching others willing to listen. He is also a recently self-published author, having written a fantasy novel inspired by his readings.

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