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Online Improv for Beginners Classes

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Learn to improvise with masters of improv comedy, Bev Fox and Ian McLaughlin. Their fun, weekly evening classes for adults are held on Zoom, and you need absolutely no experience to attend their improv classes for Beginners. They'll grow your confidence and creativity, and fill the air with laughter. Bev and Ian are funny, insightful, and nurturing teachers. They both have a 32-year career in improvisation on stage, TV, radio, and film – so you’re in safe hands. They are founders of ‘School of Improv’, which is the longest-running performance and training-ground for Improvisers in the UK, and of the ‘The Suggestibles’ improv comedy group, both based in Newcastle since 2003. They temporarily closed their real-world doors at the start of Lockdown in March, but by April had adapted their improv classes to the virtual world. Now, they have a global reach. It’s not uncommon to have people from Newcastle mixing with others from across the UK, Europe, Africa, and the Americas in the same workshop, and they’re not all actors or comedians as you might expect. They come from different walks of life and backgrounds, made up of extraverts, introverts, and all those in between. "The online improv classes are a real weekly highlight for me. Bev and Ian have found a way to cut through the internet distance, and enable the improvisers to really bond together. The two hours just fly by, and you come out of each workshop feeling energised, more confident, and, well, happier!" Hazel Burton, School of Improv participant. Improv Classes for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced members run most nights of the week, with more besides. They offer free online jams, socials, and parties for their students too. School of Improv has emerged online as a culturally enriched and welcoming community of like-minded people, supportive of each other’s wellbeing, at a time of great change and social need, and the only contagious thing here is the laughter!
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