New Perspectives: Outside In

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New Perspectives: Outside InThe Coronavirus pandemic has shifted perceptions. After a year of being in lockdown, the relationship we have to domestic and interior spaces has invariably altered. Many of us have reassessed the relationships of significance in our lives and how they relate to the spaces within which we occupy our lives.Since January 2021, the Laing Art Gallery’s young people’s group L-INK, have come together online to engage in a process of creative collaboration with the aim of co-curating a new display. The resultant exhibition here reflects the varied discussions had between the group as they explored issues surrounding identity in relation to domestic spaces within the confines of their own homes.Two new acquisitions by the artist Mike Silva provide the central inspiration for the exhibition. They represent alternative perspectives of intimacy, both to people and familiar spaces. Members of the group bring their individual perspectives to respond to Silva’s works through an exploration of the Laing collection. Significant pieces included within the exhibition include those by Linder Sterling, Eduardo Paolozzi, and a curious work by an unknown artist long held within the archives and never-before displayed in the gallery. This exhibition invites you to think about the similarities and differences in the perceptions of interior spaces presented here, and how you occupy and present your own interior spaces.This display is curated by L-INK. L-INK are a group of young people who work with the Laing Art Gallery to make exhibitions, produce events, work with artists and create artworks.

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