Living Autopsy with Dr Suzy Lishman CBE

Living Autopsy with Dr Suzy Lishman CBE
Join award-winning pathologist Dr Suzy Lishman CBE to find out more about what an autopsy involves. Learn about the effects that lifestyle choices have on the body and how common causes of death are identified. Hear about the respect with which the deceased are treated and how examining the dead can help improve care for the living.

Autopsies (post-mortem examinations) are vital for finding out how and why people have died. At this event you’ll find out how the process has changed over the years and what future autopsies might involve.


The event includes a description of a conventional autopsy, illustrated with the use of a live model and set of autopsy instruments. Please note, this is not a real autopsy and there is no dead body. There will be an opportunity to talk to the speaker after the event and ask questions.

Royal College of Pathologists

This event forms part of a UK tour marking the 60th anniversary of the Royal College of Pathologists, the membership organisation that sets standards in pathology in the UK (including autopsies), improving services to provide the best care for patients.

Health warning

There will be no dead body and no blood or body parts at this event. Despite this, the descriptions are so vivid that members of the audience sometimes feel unwell. If you are squeamish, this may not be the event for you.


Dr Suzy Lishman CBE is a consultant pathologist and medical examiner. Her award-winning living autopsy has been seen by thousands in real life, and over one million people online. In her day job, Suzy specialises in bowel cancer diagnosis and establishing accurate causes of death. Out of work Suzy gives regular talks to schools, specialist societies and the public, and has appeared on numerous television programmes discussing historic murders and diseases such as bubonic plague, syphilis and arsenic poisoning.

There is also a post-talk gathering in the Bridge Hotel pub (just across the road). All are welcome to attend.

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23rd September 2022,
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