Lexer / Mayes / Noble + Semay Wu + Miman

Lexer  Mayes  Noble  Semay Wu  Miman

Hans Kjorstad (Fiddle)

Andreas Røysum (Clarinet)

Egil Kalman (Bass and Synths)

Miman consists of fiddler Hans Kjorstad, clarinetist Andreas Røysum and bassist and synthetist Egil Kalman; three unavoidable names from the Scandinavian scenes for exploratory musics.

Semay Wu

Semay Wu (Cello and Electronics)

Having lived and worked in numerous musical directions for many years, Semay Wu’s cello still remains at her side: from Merseyside, to Manchester, to The Netherlands, and now to Central Scotland. Always trying to push age-old boundaries of how the instrument is viewed and heard, gestural disciplines are explored with electronics, objects, instruments and mixed media; seeking relationships within improvisational frameworks.

Cellist-improviser, composer and artist Semay Wu’s live performances focus on complexity by encouraging spontaneity within dynamic scenarios. Building on the relationships that emerge, new collaborations unfold and become, themselves, players.

Sebastian Lexer / Martin Mayes / Steve Noble

Sebastian Lexer (Piano and Electronics)

Martin Mayes (Orchestral Horn / Alphorn / Other Instrumentation)

Steve Noble (Drums and Percussion)

Sebastian Lexer and Steve Noble first played together in the winter of 2011. Creating enriching textural and resonant music through electronically processed Piano and Percussion. The duo release the album ‘Muddy Ditch’ in 2016. For this special festival performance the established pairing will be joined by Scottish Horn player Martin Mayes which is sure to be an intriguing and stimulating final set to our Friday evening concert. Once again a brand new and unique grouping specifically created for Newcastle Festival of Jazz and Improvised Music 2023.

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