Lets Create NOT Apply: Oversized Mice Riding Undersized Bikes

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Lets Create NOT Apply Oversized Mice Riding Undersized Bikes
Huge Sillytoe’s Oversized Mice Riding Undersized Bikes.

Exactly how big are those mice? And how small are those bikes? Anyone got a ruler? A tape measure? A good eye? The measurement of a spectacle or a soul is difficult, nay impossible! We cannot know how many particles of star dust make us up. And what would it mean to say 'I am 3789.456789898 star dusts' anyway? Regardless there are some very big mice on some very small bicycles right here right now and they seem to be trying to tell us something about what it means to be alive, to love one another, to escape the laboratories and live free, Free, FREE! Huge Sillytoe, a highly trained large daft toe will guide the audience through an embodied philosophical exploration of what the combined squeaks of the unfed mice and the unoiled bicycle chains might mean. NOTE: this play will feature no actual mice nor bicycles - only super-real / surreal rodents and pedal-vehicles conjured by our hungry minds and, probably, puppetz. There will also be spinach.

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14th August 2024,
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  • GBP 7
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