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Lets Create NOT Apply I Love my Job
Sam Sanford’s I love* My Job!

Discover the compelling irony and raw emotion of modern service work in "I Love* My Job," an interactive play that redefines audience engagement. Each line begins with the phrase "I love..." challenging performers to maintain professionalism amidst unfiltered honesty.

Inspired by the realities of call centre work and the service industry, "I Love* My Job" adapts Meng Jinghui's unique concept to highlight the alienation and depersonalization inherent in emotional labour. This play doesn’t just explore these themes; it seeks to offer an alternative. By incorporating material from Newcastle's service industry workers and devising the performance collectively, "I Love* My Job" redistributes cultural capital and envisions a world where self-expression thrives.

"My name is [xxx], and I love my job."

The performance integrates a captivating interactive, gameplay element, featuring three screens behind the performer:

- Statistics on the cost of living and average prices
- A performer statistics page showing penalties for "unprofessional" language
- A stream of unfiltered thoughts in words, letters, and images

Audiences are invited to text in phrases for the performers to articulate. The challenge lies in framing these thoughts with "I love my job..." while maintaining professionalism.

Experience a groundbreaking theatrical event where the truth of modern service work is laid bare, and the possibility of genuine expression is explored.

*Sarcasm welcome, if not expected

About the artist:

I'm a playwright, theatre director, and game narrative designer with professional experience in the US and China. I'm really passionate about workers' rights and collaborative, community performance, so I wanted to experiment and see if there's a way to make art that can transform alienation and socialized production into a community of likeminded working stooges.

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20th August 2024,
  • Standard
  • GBP 7
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