Lets Create Not Apply: A Night with Night-Light Theatre: Unwritten Women

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Lets Create Not Apply A Night with Night-Light Theatre Unwritten Women
A triple bill of fantastic new short plays telling the stories of Unwritten Women: Raw Stories of Motherhood, Friendship, and Identity.

‘Toast’, ‘We Made a Pact ’, and ‘Queen of the Quack’ are three one-woman shows that offer fresh, new stories about modern women. These performances reveal the beauty and vulnerability in women's lives, showing raw and honest portrayals of those who bravely share their true selves and confront the darker parts of themselves. With a focus on social justice, this collection of shows aims to inspire change and make people think.

Toast: After giving birth, the midwife brings you toast; simple, medium cut, white Hovis that’s done a quick dip in the toaster, barely browned, overly buttered but the best thing Becky’s ever tasted. WARRIOR toast - transition toast - marking the end of pregnancy and the beginning of “Motherhood”. If only she knew what was coming... she’d have asked for the full loaf. It’s a play about postnatal depression, Love, Loneliness and finding yourself in a new world. The piece is funny, heart wrenching and ultimately empowering, Toast aims to open conversations and promote hope amongst mothers and their families.

Written & performed by Sarah Rumfitt Directed by Jessica Robson

We Made a Pact: Jodie loves scotch eggs, almost as much as she loves her fiancé. The only thing Jodie loves more than a scotch egg is her best mate, Sophie, whom she met at a self-defence class. Bound by their shared experiences, their differences, and a fierce loyalty, Jodie and Sophie made a pact and will always protect each other. However, tension simmers beneath their seemingly unbreakable bond when the pact is broken. Who broke it, and what does this mean for their friendship? "We Made a Pact" is a powerful, energetic, and playful exploration of unconditional love, friendship, and the complexities of dealing with abuse. It hypes you up then hits you where it hurts whilst portraying the true nature of platonic friendship.

Written by Sarah Rumfitt Performed by Jessica Robson Directed by Angela Rose

Queen of the Quack: Ellie's life is upended when her partner leaves her for her closest friend. Amidst her turmoil, some unlikely counsellors emerges from the shadows of her past: and Ellie finds exhilarating liberation in embracing her inner chaos. But as the boundaries of her reality blur, Ellie risks losing more than she bargained for—her job, her sanity, and perhaps her very self. "Queen of the Quack" is a provocative journey of defiance, loss, and the peculiar liberation found at the edge of madness.

Written by Sarah Rumfitt Performed by Angela Rose Directed by Jessica Robson

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15th August 2024,
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  • GBP 3 - 15
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