John Pope Quintet + Late Girl + Shapeshifters

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John Pope Quintet  Late Girl  Shapeshifters

Anna Chandler (Saxophone) / Sam Quintana (Double Bass) / Steve Hanley (Drums)

Shapeshifters - a contemporary jazz trio consisting of three collaborators: Anna Chandler, Sam Quintana and Steve Hanley. Grounded in the tradition, the trio combine influences from the likes of Mingus, Fly Trio and the Tristano School.

The ethos of the band is to embrace the spontaneity and openness gifted by the line-up, morphing in direction at the flick of a switch and constantly challenging improvisation fearlessly and unapologetically.

Late Girl

Laura Stutter Garcia (Vocals and Electronics)

Having recently finished an artist residency at Sage, Late Girl continues performing an evocative electronic improvisation with live vocal processing, crafting hyper-saturated yet melding soundscapes that leave the listener somewhat both stunned and at peace.

John Pope Quintet

John Pope (Double Bass) / Faye MacCalman (Saxophone and Clarinet) / Graham Hardy (Trumpet and Flugelhorn) / Jamie Stockbridge (Saxophone) / Johnny Hunter (Drums)

An all-star lineup of dynamic Northern musicians, this all-acoustic quintet is the primary working band of Newcastle bass player John Pope, one of the most compelling new voices in UK jazz.

Drawing on the history of 60s free jazz and hard bop, but with a modern sensibility grounded in the sounds of today’s European scene, they play hard-grooving, anything-goes energy music that seeks to bring audiences together in a joyous racket.

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