It's Grim up North

It's Grim up North
It’s AD126 and Hadrian’s Wall is well underway. The magnificent fort at Housesteads is up and running and the auxiliary troops housed there have a cushy number. Alas, for those based in the Milecastles, life is less glamorous, especially at Milecastle 17 – Drizzlewort, which houses seven men and a female servant, who is also an undercover member of the Boadecia Resistance Army. With only a cold stream for bathing and a hole in the ground for a toilet, the troop exist on a diet of beans, lentils and occasional bits of pork. Worse, for lads used to sunnier climes, is the weather; it rarely stops raining, unless it’s snowing. Widely considered the worst posting for those unfortunate enough to be serving the Empire, life consists of building the wall and manning the gate, an access point for traders, where sentry duty mostly involves keeping out the deadly, if elusive Picts.

Written by the creators of Dirty Dusting and Maggie’s End, Ed Waugh and Trevor Wood, It’s Grim Up North was originally commissioned by BBC Radio Cumbria.

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