Indian miniature painting (working title)

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New exhibition Indian miniature painting (working title) will be on display at Oriental Museum, Durham from June – September 2022.

Part of Lindisfarne Gospels 2022 'Inspired By' programme.

The Indian Miniature Painting exhibition at Oriental Museum in Durham will highlight the work of a group of contemporary miniature painters working in Udaipur, Rajasthan. Miniature painting was introduced to India by the Mughal emperors who brought master painters from Persia to teach the art form to Indian artists. The fusion of Persian and Indian style developed into many different schools across the regions of the Mughal Empire. Traditional miniature painting typically focused on the lives of the rulers, featuring the ruler hunting, love making, feasting or recording other details of their lives.

Contemporary miniature painting mixes these traditional themes with contemporary designs but has an almost wholly non-Indian audience, existing today almost completely as an art form purchased by tourists.

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