Healing the Healer - An Introduction to Parts Work & Spirituality

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Healing the Healer - An Introduction to Parts Work & Spirituality
This workshop is designed for those already familiar with the IFS model who are using it in their therapeutic work. The IFS process helps us to open the inner space through work with our parts, and this allows the heart to awaken. The spiritual practices deepen our experience of Self, thus supporting the psychological work. The goal of this work is to help therapists work from Self and access that openhearted place. If they can do this, it allows them to have deep compassion in a sustainable way, while offering the therapeutic conditions that research has shown are key to healing. These workshops serve to “tune the heart” of the healer.

This workshop will include work with the IFS process, guided imagery, meditation, and meditative circle dances. Tom and Lauri will share how they see parallels between the IFS Self and the idea of the heart in spiritual traditions including Christianity, Buddhism, and Sufi traditions.

Regretfully, as the Conference Centre at Millfield House within Jesmond Dene is a slightly older building, we are unable to offer wheelchair access. Please do contact Millfield House directly should there be any further access inquiries.

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30th April 2023,
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  • GBP 150
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