Hadrian’s Wall 1900: Mithras on Hadrian’s Wall

Hadrian’s Wall 1900: Mithras on Hadrian’s Wall
A lecture by Alan Beale

Mithras is one of the strangest and fascinating of the Roman gods. Apparently a Roman god in eastern dress, his cult spread across the empire at its height. With three temples excavated on Hadrian’s Wall the cult of Mithras has locally a wealth of evidence for its interpretation. But that evidence presents problems for those who try to understand the god and the practices of his followers. This talk will focus on what the excavated remains reveal but will also look at some of the evidence from the rest of the region and the empire as a whole. Attractive as it is to reconstruct the cult, the evidence always requires careful scrutiny. Indeed, one scholar issued the caveat, ‘You would do well to take everything you read [see or hear!] with a large pinch of salt’.

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