Gleaming Eyes and Weather-wise: Cats in Northern Folklore

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Gleaming Eyes and Weather-wise: Cats in Northern Folklore
This one hour talk will look at the history of cats in the North of England.

When did cats go from professional mousers to pampered pets? How did people use their cats’ behaviour to predict the weather or interpret their dreams? This talk explores the history of felines in the North of England from their appearance in witch-trial records as shapeshifters or familiar spirits, to local stories like The King of the Cats and the feared May Cat. These stories, traditions and even criminal accusations involving our feline friends (or foes) tell us a lot about what life was like in seventeenth to nineteenth century Newcastle. Remember: ‘curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back’!

Katie Liddane is an expert in the supernatural and social history of the North East, with a focus on seventeenth century witch-trials. Following local stories from past to present: her work covers the relationship between historical events and folklore, and how this is represented in fiction and film.

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18th June 2022,
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