ARCADIA Alternative Night

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ARCADIA Alternative Night
ARCADIA Alternative night is back and it's a Jubilee special… Do you remember the days when bands actively tried to offend people??Do you remember the days when the word ‘Woke’ was something you did in the afternoon after a heavy night’s clubbing? Or when the word ‘Snowflake’ meant it was a bit nippy outside and you might even need to think about putting your coat on? Well you have come to the right place… Step inside as you will be hearing your Punk. Alternative, New Wave and Indie faves all played on vinyl with not a snowflake in sight, see you there kids!

DID YOU EVER.... spend a drunken night in the Barley Mow, The Cooperage, Egypt's Cottage, Broken Doll, The Baltic with your 'Tribe'? Did you ever buy 'Old George' a pint?? Did you stagger up the road to the Riverside? Or maybe you headed out to the Sunderland clubs, Hero's, Ku Clulb?? Or were you lucky enough to get on The Tube? Whatever 'Tribe' you were in, it was all going on back in the 70s/80s. Well get yourselves along to our new indie night in where we will be playing the best of Punk/Indie/Alternative/New Wave/Goth sounds with a bit of Ska flung in too, all on vinyl. It’s an eclectic mix but we are going old style with some wild cards thrown in too, did someone say AC/DC? Hell yeah! So grab your Insett Spiky Hairspray, your Dad's old overcoat, your Sta-prest, Doc Martins etc. etc. and get on down to the Split Chimp, we're waiting…

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3rd June 2022,
  • Standard
  • GBP 5
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