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A.O. Gerber
A.O. Gerber is a singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist based in Los Angeles. Raised in the Pacific Northwest, Gerber studied piano, sang in choir in elementary school and began writing songs and teaching herself guitar at 12. Despite constantly performing, she took a circuitous path to actually releasing music, first studying Art History and Italian in college and then leaving school temporarily to work on farms. But the music was worth the wait.

‘Another Place to Need’—A.O. Gerber’s first full-length record, produced along with Madeline Kenney and out May 22—showcases an artist letting go of a lifetime of pent-up musical energy. Throughout this record, Gerber invites you—personally and warmly—into rooms she’s crafted with sonic intensity. Rich vocals deliver hauntingly intimate lyrics while lush arrangements of synths and horns billow and build, offering an ecstatic catharsis. This music is the product of an artist who’s been patiently honing her craft, who’s meticulous and thoughtful, and who doesn’t waste a single moment.

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