Find out which hotels across NewcastleGateshead remain open to provide you with a good night sleep during the national lockdown in November 2020.  

Hotels, B&Bs and apartments across NewcastleGateshead (as well as across the rest of England) have been told to close during the national lockdown as outlined in the government's guidelines for staying away from home and holidays

If your holiday or city break is on hold, we're sorry to hear that but hope you are safe and well so that you're ready to travel once lockdown has lifted. 

However, there are some government exemptions to the rule about staying away from home which means that some hotels in NewcastleGateshead will continue to stay open during the lockdown. If you are in need of a hotel due to essential work commitments, or you're staying away from home because you're in the middle of a move, find out where is open.

Please do check directly with the hotel you wish to visit before you book so that you are fully aware of what is available at individual venues and any up-to-date information or restrictions before you go.

Which hotels are still open in NewcastleGateshead

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Which hotels are closed during the national lockdown in NewcastleGateshead